Episode 21 - De'Nicea Hilton | Your Uterus is Your Friend


Today’s guest is De’Nicea Hilton. De’Nicea is a Doctor of Eastern Medicine, specializing in “saving uteruses and making babies holistically.” Ladies, this is such a fun conversation touching on a pretty wide range of topics. We chat about the differences between Eastern and Western medical philosophies, the importance of finding the cause of an ailment vs just masking it with medications, and how taking a passive role in her personal health had potentially serious consequences in De’Nicea’s own life. In the mix, I learn something new about menstruation. It isn’t supposed to hurt! Who Knew?! This conversation is packed with great information and more than a few chuckles. I hope De’Nicea’s story connects with you, like it did with me, and encourages you to be proactive in your healthcare.

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