Episode 8 - Wendy J. Olson


On today's episode, Wendy J. Olson of the She's Got Gumption podcast joins me to chat about her passion for healing. Wendy has experienced various traumas throughout her life, and she shares the tools and resources she uses to find healing in mind, body, and spirit. Wendy also has a passion for raising awareness about human trafficking. In our conversation, she shares a bit about how she was introduced to the subject, and how she was able to use the tools and resources from her own trauma recovery to help create community and healing for victims of trauma. Wendy is a writer, podcaster, mother, wife, healer and a very funny lady.  Her humor is contagious, and I know you'll come to realize, as I have, that laughter can be a very powerful part of recovery. 

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Bible Verse: Mark 9:49