Episode 20 - Rachel Lankester


Today’s guest is Rachel Lankester. Rachel shares how she came to embrace middle age, and develop a passion for helping women realize their value doesn’t diminish over time. Her own realization began with a journey into menopause while still in her early 40’s, a decade earlier than for most women. We will discuss the emotional toll it took on some closely held dreams and the future she had planned. We’ll also learn how she came to grips with these changes and realized a woman’s value isn’t linked to her birth date or the phase of life she’s in. Today, Rachel is "banging the drum" for women to embrace every day, year and decade of experience, because like wine, we get better with age. I love Rachel’s journey and I hope that it inspires you to embrace the present and know you are valuable in every chapter of your life.


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Honorable Mentions:

Book: China Study