Episode 14 - Sonia McDonald | Leading Courageously

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Today’s guest is Sonia McDonald. Sonia is a Global Keynote Speaker, Leadership Coach, Author, and creator of the Leadership HQ blog, which was recently ranked in the top 10 for Leadership Blogs and Websites. She shares how she and her daughter found themselves alone in China after her husband decided to leave. Being a single mom was very difficult as she tried to provide for her daughter, while trying to figure out her next career path. She explains how accepting a job that she wasn’t qualified for lead her down a path to discovering her to a passion in educating others how to lead courageously and with kindness. We talk all things from motherhood, bullying, courage, vulnerability, failures, leadership and passions. Sonia's journey will inspire you to create the life you have dreamt of.

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Sonia's books:

Leadership Attitude

Just Rock It 

Mentions in the episode:

Daring Greatly - Brené Brown

Good to Great - Jim Collins

Miracle Morning Hal

Rework - James Fried

Start with Why - Simon Sinek